This game is part of the wide range of options that casinos have incorporated for their streaming service. With this version it is possible to enjoy the event with a dealer and real opponents. In fact, you can interact with them through an attached live chat.

Live roulette combines the best of real life with the convenience and benefits of playing online. The number of variants and betting modes that we can find for the game in just one portal is impressive. In addition, most have the service 24 hours a day, so we will not have problems when connecting.

Live Roulette Variations

As was well mentioned, roulette can be achieved in different versions. Of all of them, the most popular is the European one, where the board has 37 squares. This version resembles the French casino roulette, which hardly varies from the original. The most important modifications are presented on the board and in the incorporation of some rules. Among them, the best known are those of “La Partage” and “in prison”.

The second most recognized version of casino roulette is American roulette. In it we are presented with a board with important variations. Instead of a single box for the zero (which belongs to the house) a second is included, with double-zero. This gives a greater advantage to the casino, which has a greater chance of winning jkj92 ewallet with this version. Although the basic principle of the game is common to all of them, the aforementioned justifies that the European one is more popular.

Rules for playing live roulette

Live roulette works in a similar way to any online roulette that we find. The difference is found in that, replacing the computerized algorithm, we find a croupier taking the reins of the game.

In principle, each bettor must place his bets. The rules to carry out this step depend on the portal chosen for live roulette. As soon as the player has selected his move, the croupier will materialize it on the table. Subsequently, he will proceed to spin the wheel and launch the ball. That’s how fast this fun game unfolds.

Live roulette is a particular game of chance. Unlike other casino games, no playing strategies are applied here. Instead, all the recommendations have to do with the plays that can be made. It is advisable to know all the possible bets and evaluate which one is best according to the amount available in the bank.

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